5 Makeup Products to Use as A Beginner

Apart from the skincare products that nourish your skin, makeup can enhance your facial features with the help of certain products.

However, as a beginner, you may not be confident to use all makeup products to test your makeup skills or to wear makeup for any special occasion. Therefore, keep reading to find out about some makeup products that you should have as a first-timer in using makeup products.

1. Primer

Before you begin your makeup, there should be a smooth base to apply all the products without any difficulty. For this purpose, you can buy a face primer that will be a great base for your makeup.

Not only does a face primer act as a good base for your makeup, but also keeps your makeup intact for many hours wherever you are.

Therefore, you can purchase a primer suitable for your skin among the several different primers that are available in stores.

2. Foundation

After applying the primer as your makeup base, you need to use a foundation to enhance your skin complexion.

There are several types of foundations available for purchase, but you as a beginner can buy one which provides medium coverage to your skin, which you can use every day if you have to head outdoors.

3. Concealer

There can be instances your skin may need some extra coverage despite applying the foundation to proceed with your makeup due to blemishes or dark circles.

A concealer will be handy for this matter as it can provide the coverage a foundation cannot provide your skin.

As a beginner in makeup, you can opt for a lightweight concealer for convenient usage.

4. Eyeshadow palette

When doing your makeup, you need to pay attention to not only your facial area but also your eyelids. You can do this by adorning your eyelids with some eyeshadow that are found in many varieties by purchasing an eyeshadow palette.

Additionally, there are also several ways of applying eyeshadow and you can go for the most basic method as a beginner. You can shop for an eyeshadow palette from the pigmented range of Napolean Perdis eyeshadows and choose a mixture of subtle, bold, and shimmery colours.

5. Setting powder

After applying your foundation and concealer, your face may appear to look shiny which is not something attractive in makeup. To avoid this kind of look, you can use a setting or pressed powder and thereby reducing the shiny effect to provide a matte effect to your face.

You have to be very careful in the way you use it too because using the way you use your setting powder can make or break your makeup look.

5. Blush

This is another makeup product that can add some colour to your face and enhance your naturally flushed cheek.

The usage of this makeup product too can determine what your makeup would look like so learn how you have to use it before usage.

Moreover, as there are several shades of blush as well, check with all possible colours when you are selecting your blush. You may also buy a blush palette that has different shades of colours so that you can mix and match them accordingly and attain the colour that best fits your skin.

Mentioned above are a few makeup products that are suitable for beginners. You can learn more about these products as well as search for other products a beginner can make use of.


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