September 07 2016
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Maddison Osburn
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Malak El Abbouyi - September 08 2016

Hi dear,

My name is Malak, i am a 22 YO moroccan beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Youtuber/Blogger & Makeup artist.

I am the proud owner of the youtube channel “MALAKIES” which is up to 27K followers and a facebook page with 47K+ followers and 100K+ views/month. I have 20K followers on instagram and my Snaps receive 4.5K+ views on Snapchat. ( Total reach 100K).

I am well known and appriciated for my quality work and videos. I also love discovering new brands, concepts and products, testing, reviewing and introducing them to my community through pictures and videos.

Here are the links to my social medias :

Youtube :
Facebook :
instagram :

Please feel free to reach me if you are interested in collaborating. It would be a pleasure.

Sincerly yours,

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