The decisions made during the teenage

They canbe so many modern technological advancement in The modern world these days. There can also be many other things that has changed with the technology. Technology keeps getting updated day by day. As people we have to get upgraded with the technology. Technology has made life so much easier and quicker than the ancient days. so many things in our life had changed after the advancements in technology. With all of these advancements our life has become so busy and expensive. Our life has become busy because it’s expensive to afford the life with all the technological advancements. All of us want to have the latest technology in our house to make life easier for everyone in the house.


To  have the latest technology we will have to pay more,  these can be expensive. In such cases we will have to earn more and we will have to spend most of our life working and earning money. we will not have time to spend with our loved ones or do something we like.  It is very important that we take some time to think about the life other than this technology and work. When we think about our teenage, this can be the most beautiful time in every one of our life. This age is between childhood and adulthood. There can also be other things during teenage like puberty.  there can be so many changes in the hormones in the body and it can lead to different types of emotions. Teenage is the age which a person gets exposed to the external environment of the world other than the household environment.

In the household environment everyone is just inside the house and they only be with the members of their family. members of the family will not try to influence you in a bad way they will always try to do something good to you. but when you get exposed to the external environment at once you will not know how to differentiate between the good and bad. He will not know how to identify the people who are real and fake. You will usually get distracted by bad influences and pull towards bad habits during this period of time.  it is very important to be very careful during this period of life yes it can be a time in which you are too foolish to trust anyone who shows or pretends to love you.  It is important not to take life decisions or permanent decisions during this period of life.  Even though some mistakes are hard to correct but it can be corrected. For example getting a tattoo, You may have thoughts like what if i change my mind after a tattoo? The best answer for this can be, you can erase it with the help of laser treatment.

Even though this. Is the most stress free and responsible free period of life it can be the dangerous period because it can provoke us to take bad decisions. These decisions be very hard to correct.




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