4 Things to Consider before Buying E-Liquids

If you’ve never bought e-liquids before, know that picking them up is not easy. You have to keep several things in mind to ensure you enjoy what you’re vaping. Not many people realize this – we’ve got you covered.


The juices come in so many flavors that it’s impossible to keep count. From the assortment available, fruity ones are the most common. Countless manufacturers are making liquids taste like specific cigarettes. If you’re new to vaping, we recommend trying a flavor you know you’d like. The store you’re working with should let you try it out.

You’re probably wondering how adventurous the flavors can get. Well, tamer options like cake and watermelon are available, but you’ll widely see pizza and other savory goodies too.

Nicotine Concentration

Once you know the flavor you’d like, nicotine concentration is something you should consider. There are three main concentrations available. You’ll have to choose from low, medium, and high doses. Low usually comes with 6mg or less of nicotine, while medium offers 9 – 16 mg and high comes with 18-36 mg. They’re each fit for different types of smokers.

If you are someone who smokes half a pack a day, going for the 6mg or less option is great. What would happen if you get a higher nicotine concentration than you need? You’ll likely suffer from a bad headache.

If you’re not sure which concentration would work for you, try starting with medium level vape juice. Many use it and then adjust accordingly.

PG vs VG

You either get one of the two in juices. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and VG stands for Vegetable Glycol. Unlike the latter, you get more flavors from PG. But it’s not as vicious, so you don’t get great clouds. VG has a slightly sweet taste to it, which we’re fans of.

You could get e-liquids made from the two or have a mixture of them. Personally, we’re fans of the hybrids. If you’re getting a hybrid, it’d most likely be 40:60 Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycol.

Test it Out

Although you know which flavor and nicotine concentration is for you, you need to try the e-liquid out. Each brand does it differently. One’s cake flavor could taste totally different from another’s. Without testing, you’ll be wasting your money. The reps at the store are there for you to test and find the right juices, so you have no excuse.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of picking e-juices up, you can’t just head to the store. You need to make note of the flavor you’re interested in. No matter the other points, you won’t enjoy what you’re vaping if the flavor isn’t to your liking. You’ll need to make note of its nicotine content as well if you don’t smoke that much, getting a high concentration will give you a headache.

Before you pick any e-liquid up, it’s great if you could test it out. That’ll let you know if it checks all the boxes. Depending on the brand you’re working with, flavors and concentrations you’re used to could be totally different.

So what did you think? Which of the above 4 do you think is the most important to consider?

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