Buying Aquarium Deco: 6 Things to Consider

Did you just buy an aquarium? You might be tempted to place all kinds of ornaments inside. But there are several things to consider finding the right ones. We discussed them below.

Are They Sharp?

Take a look at their sides, they might be sharp. You don’t want anything with sharp edges in your tank. You’ll hurt your fish.

A lot of people place ornaments that are just lying around the house. They think they’d look good in the tank, which might be true. But they weren’t meant for aquariums; your fish’ fins might get hurt.

How Well Were They Rinsed?

Rinse whatever you’re going to insert well. This is true for all decorations. They could have chemicals on their surface that would leach into the water once submerged.

Live vs Fake Plants

There are benefits of going either way. When you buy live plants, they help with the oxygen in your tank. The eco-system of the aquarium would be more natural too.

But live plants don’t look that good. Their artificial counterparts are aquarium decorations that’ll catch your eye they are bright and made more detailed.

Stay Clear of Shells

You might think that shells would be perfect fits for aquariums. After all, they exist with fish in the sea. If you place them in the tank, you’ll have calcium dissolving into the water.

Calcium affects the pH of liquids. You need the tank to be PH 7, but the mineral will cause it to go towards 14. As a result, the buffering of the aquarium water would be affected.

Something else that would dissolve calcium would be coral. Thankfully, coral is not something you commonly see in aquariums. It’s not supposed to be removed from its natural environment. Enthusiasts have heavily frowned upon the practice of placing it inside tanks.

If you really want coral, you’ll love that fake versions of it are available.

Are They Plastic?

Plastic decorations are generally safe. However, you should examine your plastic decoration before inserting it.

Plastic is a material treated and made with a lot of chemicals. They can leach if not treated. If the ornament has a strong chemical scent, this would most likely be the case.

What Does Your Gut Say?

One of the smartest things you can do is stay away from anything you’re not sure of. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Examine the ornament and make sure that it’s up to your standards. Don’t be afraid to take a couple of days.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum up all the points discussed. Aquariums are great purchases. You get to take care of whole ecosystems. But you have to be very careful with the decorations you put inside. You should stay clear of anything that has sharp edges – your fish would cut themselves.

Make sure that whatever you insert doesn’t reek of chemicals either. Whatever is on their surface could leach into the tank water. Minerals could dissolve as well. This is very true for calcium.