Hen Night Games to Include a Topless Waiter

Planning a hens night is a big deal and you need to make sure that you include enough entertainment to create an exciting and memorable night. It is best to get everyone who is involved in the planning together to figure out the main entertainment of the evening and the activities that will happen. When you book a topless waiter as part of the entertainment, there are many things that you can do to spice up the party by involving them.

You have to get everyone involved in the entertainment so that every guest has a good time. You will be able to book topless waiters through toplesswaitersadelaide.com.au. Make sure you know who is coming to the party. You will be able to check their photo and profile before you make a booking on the website. Hens nights are full of memories and the guests are usually friends who have spent a lot of time with each other. So there is a lot of shared memories. You can honour this and get everyone to write out their favourite memories that include the other guests and the bride so that the waiter can read it out. The fun is in trying to figure out whose memory it is. So get everyone to put the written memory in a bowl so that the bride is able to guess the owner once the waiter reads it. If the bride guesses the wrong person, she can take a drink. The guesser can be one of the guests as well and this can double as a fun drinking game.

One of the things that will happen at a hens party is asking questions about the groom. So have some questions written early on so that the waiter can read it out and ask the question from the bride to be to answer. Make sure that you get the answers to the questions from the groom first so you know what the correct answer is. If the bride answers the question correctly, the rest of the group will drink and vice versa. You can also include a few risqué questions to keep things interesting. Do some research beforehand of the cocktails that the bride likes to drink so that you can ask whether the waiter is able to make these. This will be a personal touch and you can jazz up the drink with adult accessories as well.

You can check whether the topless waiter is okay with a round of body shots. You can get this cleared from the booking company beforehand. You can have the topless waiter lying down or even standing up. Make sure that you give instructions on how to do the body shot so that everyone is aware of what it entails. The bride can go first and the guests can also share the experience as well. The guests will decide where the salt will go on the body whether it is on the arms, chest or neck. Once she licks the salt, the tequila can be poured onto the topless waiter. You can start at the chest or stomach. You can then have the bride share a hot kiss with the waiter with a wedge of lime between them.


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